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Dear Filmmakers,

The COVID-19 Pandemic is not over. We are still trying to screen some of the films under the possible restoration orders and policies of Guangzhou.

The event will be held from Oct. 29 to Nov. 1. We will only have a non-competition section this year. We will keep the screening and the filmmaker forum. Because we had fewer screening locations this year. We might not be able to screen all the selected films. 

If your work is NOT screening during the main event. We will host multiple screening events from Nov 12, 2021, to Dec 31, 2021, on a weekly basis. We will send you an email about this upcoming event once everything is settled. 

Thank you for your support and participation.




·MY NAME IS I KILLED MACBETH Giorgos Efthimiou Fiction 26´Greece

·THE MECHANICS Christoph Janetzko Experimental | 23´| Germany/Cambodia

·YOU| Haochen Du | Animation| 4´| China

·DAWN| Timon Birkhofer Documentary, Experimental 5´US

·BEAUTY & THE BEASTS Aggie Pak Yee Lee | Animation | 4´| Hong Kong China/Estonia

·Too Big Drawing | Henadzi Buto Experimental 5´| Russia

·COGNItTION Ravi Ajit Chopra | Fiction | 25´UK

·SOMEWHERE IN TIME Nawaf Al Janahi | Fiction 15´United Arab Emirates

·LOVE ME TENDER YUPENG HE Fiction 15´| China

·CROSS AND BANNER Jürgen Ellinghaus Documentary | 54´France/Germany

·HOW SOON IS NOW? Ella Mosseri Fiction | 15´Israel

·HOMEWARD CLOWN Allison Power Animation 6´| US

·ELEVATOR ALONE Anastasia Papadopoulou | Animation | 4´|Greece

·BIG TOUCH Christopher Tenzis | Fiction | 3´| US

·SUPREMATISM Sergey Prokofyev Animation | 6´|Germany

·AL-SIT Suzannah Mirghani | Fiction | 20´| Sudan/Qatar

·ON/OFF | Nicolas P. Villarreal Animation | 7´|Argentina

·LES DIEUX CHANGEANTS Lucio Arese Animation | 4´| Italy

·LAST DAY TODAY Nelson Liu Yihong Documentary | 21´| Singapore

·TRAPPED Jethro Tai Animation| 2´| US

·NO BODY Rares Hantiu, Bahar Shoghi | Documentary | 10´| Romania

·LOST & FOUND | Vivian Papageorgiou | Animation | 9´Greece

·STRONG, FIGHTING INDIVIDUAL Andrew Francisco Documentary | 30´| US

·THE RED FEATHER Axin Zhou| Fiction 24´China

·A NOCTURNAL ROAM Feng yi Fiction 15´| China

·TWO LITTLE PEOPLE | Xin Li Animation | 3´| China

·BEHIND THE GLASS Pedro de la Llave Animation | 5´| Spain

·MAIN BALLET TANK Bernhard Schmitt | Animation | 4´| Singapore

·MR. TEDDY IS ANGRY Fabrizio Ellul | Animation | 4´| Malta

·FALSE MEMORY Shuyu Li , Wenyu Liu Animation | 18´| China

·DER BLAUE REITER Marcin Gizycki Animation | 6´| Poland

·Chocolate Lili Zhang Animation | 4´| China

·DISAPPEARING PATHWAYS Michael Covello, Elizabeth Schneider | Animation 13´| US

·ROCKY|Annika Ivarsson | Documentary | 9´| Sweden/US

·THE SAVERINI WIDOW Loïc Gaillard Fiction | 19´| France

·SNOWSHINE Barbara Peikert Experimental  15´| Switzerland

·THE SWINGS Ostapenko Anastasiia Fiction | 14´| Russian

·MACHINE AGE Sarah Stirk Experimental, Short 7´|UK

·MASTERS OF THE LAND Jan Locus Experimental | 14´| Mongolia

·IMELDA AND LUIS Leonel Chee Fiction 18´| Mexico

·THE LITTLE HAND Nattaphong Srichaikit Animation| 5´| Thailand

·HINDSIGHT IS 20/20 Yanyun Chen, Chia Yaim Chong Animation| 2´| Singapore

·THE END OF TWO LIVES Christina Ruloff Documentary | 8´| Switzerland

·BOUNDARIES, GENDERS AND A VIRUS Wenyi Huang Documentary | 16´| New Zealand

·SQUISH Xavier SERONl Fiction| 20´Belgium

·THE ALLEY Andres Montenegro Animation 9´| US

·SISMA Lorenzo Nera Animation | 6´| UK

·MOTHER Gal Kinan Animation | 6´| Netherlands


·CIERVO Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma Animation | 10´| US

·TRANSIT CIRCLE Stephan Knauss Documentary | 40´| Germany/China

·I Am A MOTIF Sijia LUO Animation | 8´| Japan

·WHERE THE LEAVES FALL Xin Alessandro Zheng Fiction | 15´| Italy

·LAH GAH | Cécile Brun Animation 7´| Switzerland

·THE DROWNING GOAT Sebastian Johansson Micci Fiction|27´| Sweden

·UNLEASH |Sean Wirz Experimental 7´| Switzerland

·ECO ESCORT Marcela Drobna, Tereza Kajabová Animation 3´Czech Republic

·LA COUPERIN Nino Laisné MV 4´| Spain

·FANTASMIA LUISE FIEDLER Animation | 7´| Germany

·RETURN Hongying Chen Animation | 2´| China/US

·I DONT FEEL AT HOME ANYWHERE ANYMORE Viv Li | Documentary, Experimental 15´ Belgium/China

·D FIN HOUSE Myles Neith |Experimental 4´| US

·MORIN KHUUR - YHE HORSEHEAD FID Joshua Sternlicht Fiction | 19´US/Mongolia

·FROZEN OUT Hao ZHOU Experimental | 5´| US/ China

·SELF SCRATCH Chenghua Yang Animation | 9´| France

·A JOURNEY TO THE MOON Jack Getschman| Animation 2´| US

·MILA Cinzia Angelini Animation| 19´| US/Canada/Italy

·GARDEN DISTRICT Oley Sassone Fiction| 15´| US

·RUTH & NICK: A CONFECTIONERY TALE Carter Rostron Animation | 6´| US

·A LUCID DREAM Li Yue| Fiction 29´| China

·IT WAS ONLY A ROCK THAT LOOKED LIK Matisse Gonzalez Animation | 11´| Mexico/Germany

·Flying Turtle Zipei Zhang | Animation 3´| China/US

·OUR LITTLE POND Namiko ISHIDATE | Animation | 14´| Japan

·COFFIN Yuanqing CAI, Nathan CRABOT, Houzhi HUANG, Mikolaj JANIW, Mandimby LEBON, Théo TRAN NGOC Animation | 5´| France

·HEALTHILY DANCE!  Angela En-Yu Lao, Anson Leong Chi On Animation | 1´Macao China

·WINGS Audrey Lin Animation  2´| US

·OLDBOY'S APPLES Brad Hock Animation 7´| US

·STAY Yushan Zhang | Fiction | 23´| China/US

·VALSE NAïVE Antonello Tosto, Mariapia Di Lecce Animation| 3´Italy

·HEADING SOUTH Yuan Yuan Fiction | 12´|US

·GROWING PAINS LIN, Po-Yu | Fiction| 25´| Taiwan China

·STANDARD TEMPERATURE Zhouchunyu Yu|Fiction| 17´China

·A TRIP WITH MOOM Sophie SHUI Fiction| 25´| Taiwan China

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